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Kids Birthday Parties

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

$29 Per Person

Party Box *

Film Admission

$3 Discount Voucher for next visit

Birthday Gift For Birthday Child **

Shared Food Platter ***

$19 Per Person

Party Box *

Film Admission

$3 Discount Voucher for next visit


Book of 10 Tickets

$11 Per Child

Book of tickets valid for 12 Months,

so you dont have to úse them all on one day.


* Party Box includes (Popcorn, Drink, Freddo Frog and toy)                                          
** Birthday Gift is a child movie voucher                                                                                  
*** Food Platter includes Chicken Nuggets, Fairy Bread, Chips and Lollies)                   

     An easy way to raise money for your group

Booking your Movie.

            - Most Opening Nights are on a Thursday.

              - You can choose a specific film or just what type you are after (eg, action, chick flick etc)  


-We will supply you with tickets to sell. Most groups take 50 to 100 tickets to start with.

-If you would like more tickets, you will need to pay for the tickets you have before we can print more

        -All tickets must be presold. You cannot sell tickets to people on the day unless they have booked with you

          -The night before the fundraiser, we need to know how many tickets you have sold. Please return any unsold tickets and bring payment the day before.

- Payment can only be made via netbanking, cheque or cash.


         Price- We sell you tickets at a discounted flat rate:

  $11 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening after 6pm including Opening Night

  $13 Friday or Saturday evening after 6pm

  $10 Wednesday or Friday matinee 10am to 2pm

  $10 Sunday matinee 10am to 4pm

Movie Matinee Fundraisers can only be held during school term


             Our Regular session ticket price is $12 Children and $16 Adults

 Most groups charge between $14 and $20 depending if they also have door prizes and/or Supper/  morning tea.  


Minimum for fundraisers is 20 people. If you have less than 20 people turn up then prices will be our normal ticket price of $12 children and $16 adults.


Payment is due the day before your fundraiser.


        Supper, Morning/Afternoon Tea

The cinema has tables and an urn for hot drinks that you may use.

       You need to bring everything else. EG: coffee, tea, sugar, milk, cups,

       spoons, serviettes, plates, food, cold drinks.


                   We have very limited refrigeration space, so please keep this in mind if

       considering perishable items such as cream, meats, eggs etc.


 Raffles/ Door Prizes

Most groups have a raffle and or door prizes on the day.

Some examples of prizes are: a plant, fruit basket, chocolates, bottle of wine, cinema tickets.


We are here to help you have a successful night.

If you have further enquires, please don't hesitate to ask. Phone  51446633


Discount Tickets

Book of 10 Adult tickets- $ 135 save $25


       Book of 100 Adult tickets -  $1300 save $300


             Book of 10 Child/Senior tickets - $ 110 save $10